Poems by

Clyde Vernon Antrim


What is life

Some say life is what you make It.

But some times this is not true.

For try as hard as you may

There are some things you can not do

But if we knew what we were to do

A day or two ahead there would surely

Be a day or so that we would stay in bed.

Itís the thing to do

If some day your feeling sad and blue

And you canít think of a thing to do.

Pray to the good lord up above

For he died for the love of you.


If you think you have it bad and you feel that youíve been had

This is no reason to be sad for look around you and be glad

For the things that you do have freedom .†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

No Mistakes

A person who makes no mistakes

Must really have what it takes

Or are they Idle all the day

For this is what some must say.


Why must I live with a troubled mind

Why canít I have love and be kind

Why must I hurt the ones I love so dear

Why must I live in constant fear

Why must I be so lost in life when I have

Such a wonderful wife.

The Tender Touch

A nurseís work is never done very seldom does she see the sun

She treats each patient as her son , she ask not for glory or for fame

But only to heal the weak and the lame, With love and kindness

and a tender touch she heals the wounds that hurts so much.

Your country boy

When the bright lights of the city go dark for you some day

There will always be a bright spot in my heart that will always stay

Today you are a starlet that so many can enjoy and to think that you

Once called me your loving country boy.

What we need

It was once said all we needed was a good five cent cigar

But now all we need is a good cheap running car

 Just my love

Now they are some that could give you wealth and all so offer you the moon

But all I can offer you honey is my love that will all ways bloom


Why do we do the things we do why do we say the things we say

I know God must shake his head for some of the things that we have said

If we could smile when we are sad I donít think God would feel so bad

So smile when you are sad.††††

A smile will do

If someone you know is feeling sad and blue give them a kind word

or a just a smile will do.

Be Honest

To make sure that they are one less dishonest person on this earth

Be honest your self.


Some say wealth is money and power that it brings

Others say itís land, homes, cars and a lot of other things

To me wealth is love , kindness and a good education.

Because you can lose your money, power, land, cars from theft

Wars or a revolution.

But they canít take a way your love your kindness

or your education .

Our Mother Day

Christmas comes with good will and cheer Festivities and fun on Newyear

On Easter Sunday in prayer we abide Our Savior in that day was crucified .

When Memorial Day comes we bow our head in humble respect for our solders dead .

Fourth of July our forefathers did decree that this was the home of the brave and

The free . and we give thanks on Thanksgiving Day , that we have the chance to live

 that way . But there is one day we must not forget It is a day that each one of us beget

Weather we are near or weather far away we should always remember when itís

Mother Day .††††††††††††† by Thomas V Antrim

( A name The Same As Mine )

I never knew I had any kin with the same last name as mine. for my father had told me what had been on his mind.

A long time ago his sister and two brothers had passed a way, this I could see was hard for him to say.

After many years I began to wonder who were my Grand-Parents that had the last name the same as mine.

As looking for a needle in a hay stack which would be easier to find than looking for my Grand-parents that had the

last name the same as  mine.

After checking records and reading many books back in 1635 a man with the same last name as mine came to America

to seek freedom and plant seeds of hope.

Through-out history I now do find many a man with the last name the same as mine.

Their deeds through-out history I read with much pride, with friends and neighbors and God on their sides they fought

the Red coats they did not run or hide.

Later in history their sons would ride to do battle to set all men free.

These men came from all walks of life from cites and farms some large and some small.

I can honestly say with much pride it makes me feel about ten feet tall.

When I began to look for my family tree I only had a seed I not only found the tree but a forest of people with the last name like mine.

 I am proud to be an Antrim .


Clyde Vernon Antrim